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THE season of the year by Storpotaten
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Rachel's Vacation - part 2
“Woahhhh...looks like someone needs to lay off the pastries a bit” joked the clerk’s assistant from behind the front desk as he looked up from his paperwork.
The clerk that worked behind the desk at The Crystal Reef Club on Paradise Island knew of the island’s reputation for good food, offering a great culinary experience for any vacationer. The island, although not that large, was littered with different resorts, clubs and hotels like The Crystal Reef, as well as numerous restaurants, eateries, and bars. And while the island’s wonderful beaches attracted mostly the beach-loving, water-sport enthusiasts, Paradise Island’s culinary scene attracted its fair share of big-bodied food-lovers. Much like the rather large young woman walking up to the desk.
This girl really took the cake when it came to the word “BIG”, the clerk thought as she watched the heavyset girl lumber over.
She was 6’1”, had chocolate brown skin, cream-colored hair and
:iconsuffragium-uno:suffragium-uno 122 8
Rachel's Vacation - Part 1
“Thanks, I had a great time!” waved Rachel as she flashed her pretty smile that kept her suitors coming back for more every time. Her date smiled back as he drove off in his bright yellow Hummer, undoubtedly thinking of the big, beautiful woman he had just gone out with, feeling like the luckiest man alive.
Rachel turned around and started towards her apartment, climbing the front steps. The sky was starting to darken as evening crept in and, after digging through her handbag for a few seconds, Rachel produced her keys and let herself in.
The girl’s apartment was a mess—empty pizza boxes, Chinese take-out boxes, paper bags, candy wrappers, bags of chips, boxes of pastries, tubs of ice cream, and such littered the place. Also littering the place were empty boxes of chocolates and chocolate wrappers, sent to her by her various dates. At 22, Rachel was enjoying her bachelorette dating life. No commitment allowed her various suitors, all of whom fed her pretty well, to
:iconsuffragium-uno:suffragium-uno 182 9
Mature content
Heather 4 :iconmcoddles:mcoddles 157 27
Heather 3
Heather felt great. Okay, maybe that had something to
do with the sugar high of six choc-chip muffins and
two packs of Caramel Bombs she'd had between breakfast
and brunch, but there was another reason. She had
decided to get fat. Plain and simple, not chubby, not
plump, not big boned, but all-out fat. She giggled
every time she thought of it. Justin had confessed and
she'd gone into orbit. This was so damn cool! Now,
Justin was off visiting relatives for two months -
he'd taken her to a burger bar for a farewell meal -
and Heather knew exactly what kind of coming back
present he deserved. She was explaining all this, and
more, to Shelly, in the living room of her parent's
house. While eating. A lot.
Shelly was having a hard time taking it in.
Shelly was finding it harder and harder to ignore the
changes in Heather's body, even with her occasional
snipey comment. Her ass no longer had the classic
flaring curves - now, both round, flabby cheeks
interfered with each other, huge and out o
:iconmcoddles:mcoddles 218 5


Fellow WG enthusiasts,

A sudden disturbance in the force!  Renowned WG author and comic creator MstrWrong has mysteriously and suddenly vanished from DeviantArt!

One minute he was right there -churning out awesome WG fiction (like the only recently released "The Birthday Party") and his amazed comics from the OMG series - and the next he was gone.

Anyone have any news about what, I hope, will be a very temporary absence?
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I just discovered you (even though I read your "Mall Rats" a while ago) and I cannot wait to read all of your works!
You are great!
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Many thanks! Hope you enjoy the ride :)
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I love your work your inspired me to do histories too. keep whit the great job
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Can't wait for more waddling dead
ProppMatt Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
Nice start! Love the setting and the reference to the dieting-industry.
Any chance of a second chapter soon?
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More of Waist Watchers now plz!
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